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The Dream Thief

The Dream Thief Cover Art

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The Dream Thief was commissioned by and premiered at Milwaukee Children’s Theater in 1998.


Daddy has become mysteriously ill, and his two pre-teen children, Susan and Jamie, are convinced that someone has stolen his dreams. In the hospital they wait up one night to ambush the Dream Thief and, to their astonishment, challenge and pursue a mysterious and terrifying cloaked stranger into the magical – and now dying – land of Nod. There, they must struggle with ravenous Bedbugs and fierce Night Terrors, answer the riddles of the deadly Night Hag, and put aside their differences as they work together to solve the mysteries of this strange and beautiful Kingdom. Finally, in the ruined capital city of Morpheus, they must confront the real and surprising overlord of Evil in the heart of Nod. A fantasy of great charm, humor, and heart.


3 Children – At least 1 Boy and 1 Girl (third part your choice)
5 Adults – 2 Women, 3 Men

Production HIstory

THE DREAM THIEF was premiered by First Stage Milwaukee at the Todd Wehr Theater, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts in Milwaukee, WI, November, 1998. Directed by John Vreeke.