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Heaven on Earth

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Winner of the Julie Harris/Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Award


4 Men, 2 Women


In the little town of Waylon, Texas (home of the Wiggly Piggly Pork Rind factory!) Martha, a devout believer, wages a losing daily battle against dry heat, rose aphids, and the blistering cynicism of her ne’er-do-well grandson, Bobby, Jr. – currently failing as a used appliance salesman. When a rusty stain on one of Bobby’s used refrigerators develops an uncanny likeness to the face of Jesus, Bobby sees his chance to parlay this “miracle” into a real payday. Martha is horrified but the circus is only just beginning to arrive in Waylon. A comedy of faith – lost, found, and very confused.

Production History

HEAVEN ON EARTH was produced by the WPA Theater (Kyle Rennick, Artistic Director) in New York City. It was directed by Mark Brokaw. The scenic design was by Edward T. Gianfrancesco; the costume design was by Ellen McCartney; the lighting design was by Craig Evans; the sound design was by Aural Fixation and the production stage manager was Liz Small.

The Cast included:
Jay O. Sanders, Helen Stenborg, Bobo Lewis, Steven Rodrigues, Arthur Hanket, Raynor Scheine