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Final Passages


6 Men / 1 Woman


In 1878, while sailing off the coast of Nova Scotia, the Elizabeth Watsonsights the San Cristobal, apparently abandoned. However, when the boarding party investigates, they find the San Cristobal’s cargo intact – and they find the remains of the ship’s crew and passengers. The only clue to the mystery is a diary, apparently scrawled by a cabin boy. What happened on the last voyage of the San Cristobal? And what is happening aboard the Elizabeth Watson now? A compelling ghost story about love, betrayal, madness…and revenge.

Production History

FINAL PASSAGES had its world premier, under the title, DERELICT, at the Studio Arena Theatre (David Frank, Artistic Director) in Buffalo, NY. It was directed by A.J. Antoon; the set and lighting designes were by Quentin Thomas; the costume design was by Robert Morgan; the sound design by Robert Menke; the music by Stuart Shepard, based on a theme by r. Yardumian.

The cast included:
Evan Handler, Robert Darnell, Everett Ensley, Sharon Laughlin, Fritz Sperberg, William Cain, Gerald Halter, Eugene Key, Dan Oreskes, Ronald O.J. Parson, Robert J. Paul, Tod Wheeler