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Conversations with the Spanish Lady and Other Plays

Conversations with a Spanish Lady

In Conversations with the Spanish Lady, a sleepless old railroad man describes hauling trains full of the dead across Canada during the World War I home-front plague of influenza that killed thousands of people. As he defends his life, a Spanish lady, cloaked in white, hovers over him as a spectral visitor. (1 M, 1 F).

“Schenkkan has written a theatrical tome poem, not primarily of history but of AIDS.”
LA Times

Lunch Break

At LUNCH BREAK, two strangers strike up a lunchtime conversation in the park that will leave both of them changed forever. (2 M)

“…we are reminded how suddenly violence can enter our lives and how easy it is for innocent bystanders to become victims.”
The Louisville Times


During INTERMISSION, in the star’s dressing room, on a disastrous opening night, old debts are settled while love and power vie for a place on the bill. (4 M)

“…powerful dramatic anecdote redolent with theatrical gossip at its bitchiest an extremely cunning play with all the fascination of eavesdropping on a particularly juicy scandal.”
The Courier-Journal

“Anger, frustration and fear are the prevailing emotions in this well-written backstage drama. Schenkkan knows theatre people and the pressures that touch both their personal and professional lives.”
The Louisville Times

The Survivalist

Calvin Renner is THE SURVIVALIST, a ‘survival engineer,’ a doomsday prophet/profiteer with a very special pitch for surviving the twentieth century. Don’t be the last on your block. (1 M)

“Chilling and heavily ironic.”
The Scotsman

“Terrifying, squirm in your seat stuff.”
LA Times