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Bob & Jean: A Love Story

Bob & Jean: A Love Story Podcast Art

Available on Audible December 2023

For two people not looking for love, it found them at the worst possible time. When college friends Bob Schenkkan (Santino Fontana) and Jean McKenzie (Betsy Wolfe) reunited in New York City in 1941, lightning struck. However, with Bob shipping off to the Pacific War as a Bomb Disposal Officer and Jean touring the nation as a USO actor, keeping this new flame alive while thousands of miles apart was a challenge. Written by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award®-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan (All The Way, The Kentucky Cycle), BOB AND JEAN is a stirring and romantic new play that tells the remarkable story of his parent’s tumultuous courtship with direction from Tony nominee Scott Ellis. Travel through their passionate, funny, sometimes desperate letters as they navigate bombs, wrecked trains, miscues, and the complexities of the human heart.