How Pop Culture Is Re-Evaluating Lyndon B. Johnson's Legacy - The Atlantic Monthly

Fifty years after his greatest electoral and legislative triumphs, Lyndon Baines Johnson is getting a worthy reappraisal in, of all places, a Broadway production: All the Way, written by Robert Schenkkan and starring Bryan Cranston as LBJ. To read more click here.

Nancy Pelosi on ALL THE WAY

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader offered these thoughts on ALL THE WAY. "‘ALL THE WAY is an excellent portrayal of a monumental moment in the history of our country," said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.  "The production’s depiction of the extraordinary efforts to pass the Civil Rights Act is a reflection of President Johnson’s bold stand for equality.  It demonstrates his legislative virtuosity, and is a tribute to the vision, vigor, and leadership required to make tough decisions and do what’s right for the American people.  ALL THE WAY puts the theater of politics on stage, and produces a masterful story that all Americans should see."

THEATER MANA Video of Opening Night of ALL THE WAY

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BWW Reviews: LBJ Goes ALL THE WAY in Schenkkan's Exciting Political Drama

"Like a symphony conductor's podium, President Lyndon B. Johnson's Oval Office desk is placed before three curved tiers of senators, governors, activists and anarchists, each trying to make his own music be heard above the cacophony of American politics." To read more click here

Broadway Review: Bryan Cranston as LBJ in "ALL THE WAY"

Bryan Cranston owns the role of LBJ in this beautifully built dramatic piece. VARIETY.

"What do you say we take up a collection and send every one of those clowns in Congress to “All the Way,” Robert Schenkkan’s jaw-dropping political drama about President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Herculean efforts (and Pyrrhic sacrifices) to get the 1964 Civil Rights Act passed. Bryan Cranston  three-time Emmy winner and everybody’s favorite bad boy as the scholarly drug czar in “Breaking Bad”  owns the role of LBJ, cracking the politician’s hard shell to expose the man’s personal crisis of conscience. But the shocker is watching real legislators legislating, crossing the aisle, however reluctantly, to get difficult things done." To read more, click here.


WASHINGTON POWER PLAY Bryan Cranston as President Johnson in ALL THE WAY

New York Times Review

“It’s not personal, Dick, it’s just politics,” Lyndon Johnson says to a good friend who has suddenly turned into a vanquished foe in the new play “All the Way,” by Robert Schenkkan. Johnson, played by Bryan Cranston in the mighty slab of history that opened at the Neil Simon Theater on Thursday night, infuses that glib phrase with palpable urgency and a whisper of tenderness. There’s no question that he really means what he’s saying." To read more, click here

Will the Real LBJ Please Stand Up?

From David Goodman's blog post:

"As the brother of Andrew Goodman, I’ve met quite a few presidents, but I never did meet Lyndon Johnson (LBJ). Still, I’ve listened to his White House tapes (a practice that stopped after Richard Nixon – well…duh!) and I’ve read histories and heard my mother’s stories of being in the Oval Office when Andy was missing.

So, it was a rare treat to be invited to see the new play “All the Way,” which is in previews at the Neil Simon theater. Nothing prepared me for the accuracy and vitality of Robert Schenkkan’s script – brought to life by an outstanding cast and an amazing set." To read more click here.

Photo Flash: Bryan Cranston is LBJ! First Look at ALL THE WAY on Broadway

All the Way, the new play by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan, starring BREAKING BAD's Bryan Cranston, is currently in previews on Broadway at the Neil Simon Theatre. The production officially opens on Thursday, March 6, 2014 for a strictly limited engagement. The play is directed by Bill Rauch, Artistic Director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where All the Way began its theatrical life. BroadwayWorld brings you a first look at the cast in action below! To read more click here.

David Goodman Visits Bryan Cranston at Broadway's ALL THE WAY

David Goodman, brother of civil rights activist Andrew Goodman, recently took in Broadway's All the Way with Bryan Cranston, and stopped backstage to chat with the actor, and playwright Robert Schenkkan. In 1964, the killing of James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in Philadelphia, Mississippi, made headlines - making them some of the most important activitists in the Civil Rights Movement. To read more click here

San Jose Rep Season Will Include World Premiere of Robert Schenkkan and Neil Berg's THE 12

The world premiere of THE 12, written by Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Schenkkan — whose All the Way will open on Broadway March 6 — and award-winning composer Neil Berg, is among San Jose Repertory Theatre's 2014-15 season. To read more click here.